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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Michelle and I process a lot of my own thoughts through this blog. To me, it’s an extension of myself and in exploring these posts I hope we are both able to learn something knew or affirm something we ought to continue to remember. Take care.

The Isolation of COVID

We hail on recollection, memory guiding thought, thought guiding choice. When we look back at how we’ve learned to live, my mind struggles to accept that we are entering a new mode of life. The tensions between my expectations of the old while welcoming the new is causing a friction and dissonance in my life. […]

Fear the change or embrace the opportunity

Will we fear for change or embrace the ambiguity of opportunity? I have been stuck in a self-made dilemma, to stay home or move out… Much of my anxiety around the latter is tied to my perfectionism of wanting everything to feel right and look right to be the “right” choice, but my good friend […]

To This We Owe Ourselves

Dear Friend, We cannot claim the inheritance of stars and skies. The world was not created to charm us into certainty. This world is not our birthright. Nature’s grace moves swiftly and beautifully past us. We fold and unfold by the things that carry us. We build houses on hills, the fallacy of kings with […]

There’s more to suicide prevention than just talking about it

How profound is it to be so connected to the pain of someone that you feel compelled to change it? I recently said this to someone I look up to after I noticed how lost and disempowered he seemed to feel regarding the current political climate and violent loss of black lives at the hands […]

Before you stop taking your meds, read this

Are you also feeling tempted to go cold turkey on your medications? Read this before you make any firm decisions. Maybe we can both learn something together in the process of contemplating our medication.

At the forefront of change

For most of my life, I’ve known depression for almost as long as I’ve known myself. There was a “me” before mental illness and there is still a me even with mental illness, but my mental illness is not the all-encompassing way I know myself. Just as there is a you in spite of all […]

This is not the end of the world

The world may feel like it’s ending right now. A lot of us are at a loss for words to capture how we’re feeling amidst this chaos of a global pandemic, the largest civil rights movement, and the turmoil of our own lives as we learn to adapt to the politics of living and doing. […]

The Equilibrium of Change

A lot of the people I admire have told me, “The only constant in life is change.” My high school robotics coach told me this along with her wife followed by some of my family members and therapists. It seems as if they are all reading from the same hymn and if a myriad of […]

Remembering the Human Spirit

When the world is moving incredibly fast, it’s hard to take a deep breath. Today, I was driving back from the grocery store when this wave of anxiety washed over me. My heart started palpitating and I noticed myself holding in my breath. I pulled over to a nearby parking lot of a park and […]


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