Inferno’s Grace | A Poem

Inferno’s Grace


You taught me how to waltz with life

My movements became a dance

Intertwining my woes into grace


You emitted a light

Turning the holes in my velvet black skies into stars


You taught me how to build a stairway to heaven

Gave me the courage to ascend it

There I saw the embers of the world


Realizing that Earth’s inferno

Was not hell

I once thought that

The core of mankind

Could not bear the weight of its self inflicted pain

It was like acid rain on scathed skin

The very being of our world

Could no longer cease to exist

For a moment, a fragment of time

I felt I could not cease to exist
The thought of “being”
Became a wishful past tense

And very much like a supernova


My world crumbled

Revealing a blazing sun

Inside of a fiery chambered core

Heaven’s mighty roar


Breaking through years of silent suffering


Oh what it is to feel alive
Oh what it means to be alive

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